Total Water Delivered!


Total Water Enterprise

The Total Water Enterprise platform delivers Advanced Metering, ESRI ArcGIS integration, Modeling, Standards-based Mesh Networking, Meter Data Management, and more, all within a single platform.

Total Water Mobile

The Total Water Mobile Platform delivers Smart Metering technology to in-vehicle laptops. Meter reads are posted to your billing systems in real-time. Step into the Total Water Platform™ with Total Water Mobile™ and start building the foundation for Total Water Enterprise™.


Smart Earth Technologies will work with your water utility to guarantee the successful design, deployment, training, and on-going support of your Total Water Platform™ implementation. Contact us to discuss your project's needs.

Why Smart Earth Technologies?

Smart Earth Technologies delivers Total Water management hardware and software technology solutions to water utilities that seek to evolve their meter reading strategies beyond AMR/AMI to include a complete standards-based water distribution monitoring and control solution.

Advanced metering, Meter Data Management, standards-based mesh networking, and the most advanced software solutions for managing your water distribution network are all part of the SET Total Water Platform.